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Check in here for all the things you'll need to know about UTNG

Sub-boards: Announcements, Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines, New and Prospective Members' Area, Questions and Suggestions, Absentee Board

209 1,416 Where do you want me?
by Samantha Montgomery
Feb 7, 2015 16:17:24 GMT -5
No New Posts Advertising and Affiliating

Do you have a fan site or RPG you want to advertise? Would you like to affiliate with this board? You may do so here, but please read the rules before posting. ANY IMAGES LARGER THAN 600 PIXELS WIDE WILL BE DELETED.

Sub-boards: Affiliates, Proboards Advertisements, InvisionFree and Other Boards Advertisements

by Ilvermorny
Jun 30, 2020 17:22:00 GMT -5

Getting Started

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No New Posts Creating a Character

Everything you need to create a character is found here, including celebrity claims, canon list, and character applications. Make a thread in the Pending Applications sub-forum with your character name and fill out the form with your character's information.

Sub-boards: Pending Applications, Accepted Applications, Rejected Applications, Inactive/Deleted Characters, The Graveyard

920 4,839 Female Celebrity Claim List
by Lilac Drake
May 28, 2018 19:29:07 GMT -5
No New Posts Class/Job Signups

Come here to sign up for your classes or to volunteer for a job.

29 597 Quidditch Signups
by Brooklyn MacKay
May 26, 2018 17:15:20 GMT -5
No New Posts Sorting Ceremony

Come here after you've been approved to get sorted into your houses!

1 175 The New Sorting Ceremony
by Sorting Hat
Feb 5, 2013 23:00:26 GMT -5
No New Posts Plot Planning and Discussion

Sub-boards: Plot Discussion, Character Discussion, Thread Trackers, Character Journals, Member Extras

223 2,768 Check In
by Milo Chevalier
Oct 1, 2019 10:02:02 GMT -5

Owl Office

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No New Posts Owl Office

This board will alert you if you have an owl (PM) waiting for you. Please check here often!

134 189 OWL: Ophelia and Allaire Burke
by Kassia Burke
Oct 12, 2016 20:42:51 GMT -5

The Daily Prophet

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No New Posts The Daily Prophet

Come here to read the latest news in the wizarding world.

9 16 The Daily Prophet: January 3, 1973
by Paige Owen
May 3, 2009 22:51:22 GMT -5
No New Posts staff offices

Here are the offices for the newspaper staff.

Sub-board: Editor's Office

15 230 Take a Break(Evian)
by Kiara Seaton
Sept 12, 2012 15:20:54 GMT -5

RPG Hogwarts Castle

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No New Posts Dungeons

This dark and dreary area is home to the Potions classroom, the kitchens, and who knows what else?

Sub-boards: Potions Classroom, Slughorn's Office, The Kitchens, Professor SkipIt's Office

40 1,156 Brewing (open)
by Ivan Kresimir
Mar 20, 2013 0:22:15 GMT -5
No New Posts Ground Floor

This is the entrance to Hogwarts Castle. Here you'll find the Great Hall and the Entrance Hall.

Sub-boards: Entrance Hall, The Great Hall, Antechamber, The Courtyard, The Grand Ballroom, Dueling Club

75 3,829 Separate Tables (Arabelle, Harmony, open)
by Wyatt Templeton
Jul 21, 2013 23:14:07 GMT -5
No New Posts First Floor - 1 Viewing

This is where you'll find the Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom, History of Magic, and the Hospital Wing.

Sub-boards: Defense Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic, Hospital Wing, Guidance Counselor's Office

64 2,416 Collision Course (Rabastan)
by Callisto "Callie" Sanders
May 20, 2018 21:56:19 GMT -5
No New Posts Second Floor

This is where you'll find the Transfiguration Classroom, Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom, and Professor Dumbledore's office.

Sub-boards: Transfiguration Classroom, Professor Dumbledore's Office, DADA Teacher's Office, Moaning Myrtle's bathroom

34 1,101 Missing Students! (aurors, families of kidnap victims)
by Albus Dumbledore
Nov 3, 2016 15:04:10 GMT -5
No New Posts Third Floor

Come here for Charms, to visit the Trophy room, or to take the secret passage to Hogsmeade.

Sub-boards: Charms Classroom, Trophy Room, Secret Passage to Hogsmeade

16 258 Student History *OPEN*
by Remus Lupin
Feb 10, 2013 0:27:45 GMT -5
No New Posts Fourth Floor

Here's where you'll find the library, as well as the Muggle Studies classroom.

Sub-boards: Library, Muggle Studies Class, Professor Macrae's office

59 1,298 A "Teenage Drama" Free Zone (Bobby/open)
by Evelyn Turner
Sept 21, 2016 22:29:50 GMT -5
No New Posts Fifth Floor

Here's the Prefect's bathroom, and you'll also find the Arithmancy classroom here.

Sub-boards: Professor Dean's Office, Lucie Wright's Office, Prefect's Bathroom, Arithmancy Class

9 334 Much Ado About Nothing (Jamie)
by Scarlette Meyers
Jul 13, 2009 3:41:12 GMT -5
No New Posts Sixth Floor

This is where the Ancient Runes classroom is.

Sub-boards: Professor St. Clare's office, Ancient Runes Classroom

7 156 Needing Answers
by Voltaire Rothschild
Apr 19, 2012 23:09:33 GMT -5
No New Posts Seventh Floor

Come here to take Divination or Astronomy, or pay a visit to the Owlery or the Room of Requirement.

Sub-boards: Astronomy Class, Divination Class, Owlery, Room of Requirement

60 1,838 New Year, Old Regrets (Openish)
by Callisto "Callie" Sanders
Sept 3, 2016 15:36:44 GMT -5
No New Posts House Common Rooms

Sub-boards: Gryffindor Common Room, Ravenclaw Common Room, Hufflepuff Common Room, Slytherin Common Room, Prefects' Lounge, Hogwarts Staff Room, Hogwarts Staff Quarters, House Champions' Lounge

233 5,023 Duty and Obligation (Colette Borgin)
by Kassia Burke
Oct 1, 2016 1:45:33 GMT -5

RPG on the Castle Grounds

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No New Posts Hagrid's Hut

Come here to visit Hagrid.

4 218 It's the Great Pumpkin, ...
by Cleo Vanderley
Mar 13, 2012 23:14:25 GMT -5
No New Posts Care of Magical Creatures

Come here to take Care of Magical Creatures.

Sub-board: Professor Sykes's Office

2 68 Like Taking Candy... (Callie Sanders)
by Callisto "Callie" Sanders
Mar 14, 2012 0:47:30 GMT -5
No New Posts Herbology Greenhouse

Come here for a Herbology lesson.

Sub-board: Andromeda Black's Office

6 267 Painting a Still Life (Open)
by Ashelia Andrezjda
Apr 22, 2011 23:00:04 GMT -5
No New Posts Forbidden Forest

Come here to wander through the wilds of the Forbidden Forest. Beware... you never know what creatures you may discover...

Sub-board: Wolf's Den

48 1,924 M is for Mother (Beth, Viv, Eve)
by Simon Montague
May 16, 2018 23:36:22 GMT -5
No New Posts The Black Lake

Come here to sit by the lake, study, have a picnic, take a swim, or just hang out.

132 3,423 Just another day in paradise (Reese)
by Kristen Simms
Jan 5, 2015 5:36:10 GMT -5
No New Posts Quidditch Pitch

Come here to practice Quidditch, play a game, or watch a game. Flying lessons are also held here for first years.

11 426 Practice Makes Perfect (Micah, Ruecain)
by Heather Louise White
Aug 9, 2011 22:31:05 GMT -5
No New Posts The Whomping Willow

You'll want to stay away from this tree--it fights back! Why would they plant a tree like this, anyway...?

14 222 (Open) Curiosity Killed the Cat... Sorta
by Hope Windfell
Sept 7, 2011 9:30:04 GMT -5

RPG Hogsmeade

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Hogsmeade Proper

This is the main part of the town. Come here to go shopping and have some fun on weekends.

Sub-boards: The Three Broomsticks, Honeydukes, Zonko's Joke Shop, Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop, Madam Puddifoot's tea shop, Dervish & Banges Magical Equipment, The Hog's Head, The Shrieking Shack

180 5,958 Unfinished Business (Cameron)
by Brenda Blair
May 15, 2018 20:41:06 GMT -5
No New Posts Hogsmeade Village

This is near the main shopping area of Hogsmeade, where many wizards live.

Sub-boards: Alastor's House, Vincent & Emily's House, Crystal's House, Lucie and Jon's House, Carrie Wright's house, Keira and Tom's House, Tyler's House, Cassidy's House, Evangeline's House, Chase & Maia's House, Hobbs Home, Bridget's House, Chloe's House, Isabella and Voltaire's Cabin

72 2,357 Come and Gone
by David Harmon
May 20, 2014 22:00:51 GMT -5
No New Posts Black Cat Apartments

Just outside Hogsmeade Village, this 6-story apartment building with all the amenities (owl service, cauldron cleaning, and health club) is a casual but comfortable living environment for wizards and witches. Apply for an apartment today!

Sub-boards: Room 609: Lyra Newbury, Room 605: Ramon Salvatore, Room 601: Ariana Frost, Room 505: Lukas Eiriksen, Room 503: Ross Anderson, Room 501: Cyrus Ferrera & Lina Harper, Room 410: Rose Faulkner, Room 407: Bianca Clarke, Room 405: Ted Tonks, Room 402: Logan Oliver, Room 309: Claire Weiss, Room 305: Hayden Ferrera, Room 303: Milo Faulkner, Room 301: Molly Prewett, Room 207: Nora Churchill and Eleanor Walsh, Room 209: Iris Elliot, Room 205: Andromeda Black, Room 203: Aurelia and Danica Krizova, Room 202: Joanne Massey, Room 105: Maggie O'Neil, Room 103: Meghan Meyer, Room 101: Tristan Collins

41 1,718 Dinner Date with an Auror (Kaden)
by Eleanor Walsh
Apr 1, 2017 21:58:57 GMT -5
No New Posts Hogsmeade Shops and Restaurants

While students mainly visit the high street on their weekends away from the school, the rest of the village is rather expansive with dozens of restaurants and businesses for the locals to patronize.

Sub-boards: SpellBound Nightclub, Randolph Trades, The Hot Panini, The Royal Dragon, Hogsmeade Public Library, Hogsmeade Park, Highgate Memorial Cemetary, Newt Scamander's Zoo and Refuge for Magical Creatures, Celestia Observatory, Baked Heaven, Elliot's Books and Baubles, Le Repas Cher, Gallerie duMaurier, Mortensen Memorial Stadium, Stu's Bar, Magical Moving Pictures, Botanical Gardens, Merryweather's Apothecary

220 8,264 Night Cap (Lexi)
by Alexis Oliver
May 15, 2018 19:52:38 GMT -5

RPG London

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No New Posts King's Cross

Come here to take the Hogwarts Express!

Sub-board: Hogwarts Express

12 332 Belated Arival. *open, yup*
by Tucker Williams
Aug 23, 2010 23:57:28 GMT -5
No New Posts Diagon Alley

Come here to purchase anything you need for school, or just to hang out among other wizards.

Sub-boards: The Leaky Cauldron, Gringotts Bank, Flourish & Blotts, Eeylops Owl Emporium, Madame Malkin's Robes, Quality Quidditch Supplies, Magical Menagerie, Ollivanders Wands, Apothecary and Cauldron shop, Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor

181 2,727 A Highly Functioning Sociopath (Christine/Bella)
by Christine Montgomery
Nov 21, 2016 12:32:54 GMT -5
No New Posts Knockturn Alley

Come here to explore the Dark Arts on the streets of Knockturn Alley.

Sub-boards: Borgin & Burke's, The Rusty Nail, The Hollow Tree Inn

43 1,000 Family Reunion (Diana)
by Christian Ward
Dec 17, 2016 2:40:27 GMT -5
No New Posts Ministry of Magic

Come here to visit the Ministry of Magic.

Sub-boards: Ministry Meeting Room, Department of Mysteries, Office of the Minister, Wizengamot, Department for Magical Law Enforcement, Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, Auror Office, Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, Department of Magical Transportation

67 2,910 And Now for Something New
by Maxine "Max" Deveraux
Dec 23, 2016 2:49:31 GMT -5
No New Posts St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries

Come here to seek treatment for injuries and illnesses, both magical and non-magical. Or just visit a patient.

43 1,794 Mama Wrote You a Lullaby (Roland/Openish)
by Roland Ferrera
Jul 4, 2018 17:49:20 GMT -5
No New Posts St. Mungo's Psychiatric Ward for Seriously Disturbed Witches and Wizards

This section is the hospital is kept separate from the rest... for good reason...

3 176 Fire and Rain (Nikola)
by Siobhan O'Hurley
Oct 7, 2016 17:45:20 GMT -5
No New Posts Wizarding London

Where the metropolis of the city known to wizarding tourists from around the globe meets the gritty reality of big city life.

Sub-boards: Ambrosia Champagne and Cocktail Bar, The Avalon Hotel, Chevalier Investigations, Cheeseburger Paradise, Connelley Pest Control, Enchanted Nightclub, Pennywhistle's Boarding House, A Cup O' Joe, Fitness Factory, Sedriella Designs, Galligan's Italiano

101 2,921 Abandonment Issues
by Milo Chevalier
Mar 16, 2020 23:09:19 GMT -5
No New Posts Twilight Apartments

For those who prefer to live in London, the Twilight Apartments in Diagon Alley are the perfect place. Complementary owl service, cauldron cleaning, robe pressing, and magical spa services are available.

Sub-boards: Room 101: Luke Patterson, Room 103: Geoffrey Montgomery, Room 105: Acelynn Quinn, Room 107: Evian MacArthur, Room 201: Arachne Weaver, Room 203: Diana Crawford, Room 205: Ariel Porter, Room 207: Maura Milan and Brandon Wu, Room 301: Ursula Webb, Room 303: Lydia Kenyon, Room 305: Derek Burke, Room 307: Jessica Blye, Room 309: Kylie Thorburn, Room 401: Arthur Weasley, Room 403: Roland Ferrera, Room 405: Riley Neves, Room 407: Kieran Dawn, Room 409: Magdalena Martinez Fierro, Room 501: Gabriella Santino and Sedona Rossi, Room 503: Isabella Kerrith, Room 505: Roy Evangeline, Room 507: Kelebek Degirmenci, Room 508: Christine Montgomery, Room 509: Dorian Humbert, Room 601: Bellatrix Black

43 1,483 Won't You Be My Neighbor (Christine)
by Christine Montgomery
Jan 20, 2017 2:41:34 GMT -5
No New Posts 12 Grimmauld Place

Come here to visit the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black.

1 47 In Father's Study
by Narcissa Black
Mar 26, 2007 7:58:54 GMT -5
No New Posts Muggle London

London's a big city, and it's full of muggles. Be careful using magic in the streets!

Sub-board: Elvington's Home for Children

25 940 If You Love Someone, Set Them Free (Shana, Dante)
by Shana O'Malley
Mar 11, 2018 22:03:39 GMT -5

RPG Other Locations

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Azkaban Prison

Only really bad wizards get sent here.... trust me, you don't want to end up here.

3 59 A Little Glimpse of the Sky (Dustin)
by Zane Manning
Oct 8, 2016 18:35:10 GMT -5
No New Posts Godric's Hollow

Come here to visit anyone who lives in Godric's Hollow. James Potter lives here.

Sub-boards: Kaden Kingston's House, Bishop House, Rita Dawn's House, Webb House, Wells House, Judah Ferrera's house, Jordan House, Mallory House, Paige Owen's House, Pikler House, Mateo Rossi's house

26 991 Hindsight (Christian)
by Derek Burke
May 29, 2018 1:42:37 GMT -5
No New Posts Houses

All the houses not in Hogsmeade or Godric's Hollow can be found here.

Sub-boards: Ward House, Eiriksen Estate, Skipit House, Bones House, Faust Estate, Fairfax Estate, Morley Manor, Black Family Home, Scotts Estate, Burke Mansion, Hart Mansion, Rowlette Manor, Montgomery Manor, Dearborn Manor, Santino House, Ferrera House, Leviner House, Nivens House, Powers Home, Rossi House, Malfoy House, Nigel Barksworth's House, Richmonds' House, Carter House

144 7,263 Long-Awaited Return (Nik)
by Nicolas Everhart
May 29, 2018 2:16:48 GMT -5
No New Posts Holiday

Going on Holiday? This place can be anywhere you want it to be.

Sub-board: Safe House

62 4,222 Showdown (Pavel, Sean, Henri, Dani, Trevor)
by Henri Gillet
Apr 24, 2018 10:18:05 GMT -5

RPG Order of the Phoenix

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Order Announcements

If you are in the Order, come here to read important announcements on meeting times.

5 44 Order of the Phoenix (Sign Up)
by Kingsley Shacklebolt
Jul 13, 2010 18:17:43 GMT -5
No New Posts Order Headquarters

This is where members of the Order will come to meet and discuss plans and share information.

5 192 Order Meeting: On the Escalating Violence
by Kingsley Shacklebolt
Jul 11, 2010 12:59:20 GMT -5

RPG Dark Forces

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Death Eater Announcements

If you are a Death Eater, come here to read important announcements from the Dark Lord.

by Edmund Fairfax
Aug 7, 2010 23:42:42 GMT -5
No New Posts Voldemort's Lair

Here's where Voldemort hangs out. We could tell you where that is, but then we'd have to Avada Kedavra you...

2 23
No New Posts Death Eaters' Headquarters

This is where the Death Eaters meet and discuss their evil plans.

51 1,055 Setting the Snare (Bellatrix)
by Lord Voldemort
May 27, 2018 2:42:47 GMT -5
No New Posts Army of Darkness Headquarters

This area is just for the members of the Army of Darkness who are against Voldemort AND Dumbledore...

3 87 Alone
by Evan Dorshe
Sept 29, 2006 19:09:51 GMT -5
No New Posts Riddle House

The mysterious and abandoned home of the Riddle Family.

1 20 Riddle House standing.
by Voltaire Rothschild
Jul 31, 2007 15:07:21 GMT -5


Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts First Term Plot

Here you can read the threads for the first term plot. Posting is disabled.

166 5,288
No New Posts First Term Classes

Here is an archive of all the first term classes. Posting is disabled, so please read only.

91 3,556 Be Sorted
by Chandra Lowell
Oct 8, 2009 14:56:57 GMT -5
No New Posts Term Two Clean-Up

All of the most important unfinished threads from Second Term will be placed here to be completed.

38 892
No New Posts Camp Clean-up

All unfinished threads from Summer Camp will be moved here to be completed.

25 318 If You Promise to Behave (Rafe/Open)
by Samantha Montgomery
Aug 21, 2013 12:14:14 GMT -5

Out of Character

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts The Clubhouse

What's the Clubhouse? Whatever you want it to be. Come here to hang out with your fellow members and chat out of character about anything and everything you want.

Sub-boards: Fan Fiction, Polls and Quizzes, Harry Potter Discussion, Our Favorite Shows

323 9,362
No New Posts Fun and Games

Play Games with your fellow members!

25 3,121
No New Posts Graphics

Request a banner or avatar here, or show off your artwork.

54 1,774
No New Posts The Honor Roll

This is the place to honor the Best of Our Board. Threads for nominating and voting for the monthly Honor Roll feature will be placed in this forum.

58 413 Honor Roll
by Albus Dumbledore
Mar 18, 2013 17:47:30 GMT -5


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